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    We pride ourselves on being approachable to all our members!

Who We Are

Body Transformation was built to be community based with the member in mind. The members sick of waiting on machines, sick of the staff not helping them because they were too busy flirting with other members or talking amongst themselves. The members sick of being treated like royalty during the sign up process and then being left to their own devices after their induction.

I’ve put systems in place to ensure that the staff in the Body Transformation Gym look after you, they will be following up on you every month or more to ensure you’re moving towards your goals. If you are doing something wrong or with poor technique, they will tell you. They will greet you as you enter and exit the gym. They will know your name and training goals.

We don’t have to have the gym packed like sardines – numbers will be limited to 500 members. We will ask you to rate the gym from 1-10, 10 being the best gym you could be a member of. If we don’t score ten out of ten, we want to know how to make it a perfect 10.

What Others Say

Second home

5 5 1
Second home. Knowledgeable and experienced staff who have all been there and done it for themselves. Great range of equipment and rarely any queues for the more popular stuff. Would recommend wholeheartedly to anyone who is serious about getting fit.

The Team

Chris James B

I look at a whole view

Personal Trainer + Chef

As a trained chef and personal trainer, I take clients through everything they need to learn to transform their bodies and minds.

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